Madagascan Tenrecs..Fuzzypeg and co
These fellows are smaller than hedgehogs, although they share similar characteristics.
Omnivorous by nature, they eat insects and fruit.
Rabbit.. Binkle, Arthur and the girls
Rabbits live in a maze of holes called a burrow. They live in big groups and look out for each other. You will see wild rabbits in the early morning and evening just before it gets dark.
Rabbits eat vegetables and sometimes their own poo.....
They have long back legs to enable them to hop and jump and very large ears to listen for danger.
Guinea Pig.. Munchkin, Scruff and the crew
These lovely little animals make great pets. They are less likely to hop or scratch They would naturally live in large groups so communication is very important to them.They are herbivores, grazing and nibbling vegetables most of the day.
They naturally come from South America and in some parts ....are eaten by the locals.
Bengali Eagle Owl..Bindi
These owls are from India.
Brown in colour, they would be found in woodland areas, where they hunt for rabbits and large rodents.
They can live up to 30 years and Bindi was hand reared by us in 2012
Herman's Tortoise..Mr T and the gang

These lovely fellows are happy wandering around a warm garden eating weeds and the occasional fruit.
They are native to the warmer areas of Europe and hibernate during the winter.
They are slow growing and slow moving saving energy probably as they can live up to 100 years.
Lepoard Geckos..Spot and Dot
Unbelievably, these small lizards can live up to 25 years.
They are from India and generally come out during the night.
Their favourite foods are spiders and crickets.
Most geckos have sticky pads on the feet ,these guys are an exception.
Colin ,Rusty and Ruby the Corn Snakes
Corn Snakes are one of the most common snakes as first pets.
They are a lovely orange coour to blend in with the golden corn in which they live.
Mice are their favourite food and they will at up to 4 in one meal.
Tangles and Ned the Milk Snakes
These guys are brightly coloured to trick other animals into thinking they are venomous. In facr they are consrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey to death!!. The name Milk Snake began as farmers in America found them in milking parlours, Probably looking for mice to eat!
Phillippe the Royal Python
The smallest of the pythons, sometimes called the ball python as they like to curl up into a ball.
These guys are fatter than our iother snakes and like to hang around in trees in Africa.
Webster the Chillean Rose Tarantula
Native to Chille. These lads make great pets as they are calm by nature and can be handled easily.
The poison can not be removed as they need it to liquidise the large insects that they eat. yum
Tico the Tegu
Tegus are big lizards from Angentinia.
They grow to an impressive size and have long snake like tongues that they use to search for food. Mice, small lizards and fruit is their staple diet.