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About us

How it all began

Marie started the business back in 2004 when her 3rd child Molly was just born.

She wanted a job that would fit in with the growing family.

So, with a love of Nature and People, 4 or 5 unusual pets and plenty of experience working with children of all ages, The Animal Roadshow was born. Back then it was a very unique concept, so it wasn’t long before work got busy, Brendan had to give up his stonemason career to join her.

Always a risk taker with a charming personality, he fitted perfectly, making up a great husband and wife team. His philosophy being “always give people more than they expect”.

15 years on, the format of our work has been perfected and we still have loads of fun developing new ideas to compliment the Wild Theme. Our family has grown since then to 5 children and about 50 animals…

Our professional, friendly approach comes from the heart and we genuinely love what we do. Our aim for The Roadshow is to encourage a bigger interest and appreciation of the natural world, and the beautiful creatures we share our planet with.

Our two eldest boys and Molly, are working with us now too, helping with displays and doing a great job, making this homegrown business a true family affair.


We are totally organic gardeners here at the Roadshow and never use chemicals for the plants we grow. We have half an acre of wild flower meadow that is left for our local wildlife.

Plants are grown to encourage bees and butterflies and there are plans to have bee hives in the near future. Our smaller children have recently set up a bug hotel too.

We are lucky enough to have bats living in our locality and many other species sharing our land.

This year alone we have spotted:

Badgers, bats, stoats, deer, hedgehogs, foxes, pheasant, heron, kestrels and numerous small birds and insects.

This year we took part in the 2019 All Ireland Ladybird Survey run by Gill Weyman UCC, to log numbers of native ladybirds in relation to the non native Harlequin Ladybird, who feed on the larvae of our native fellows.

Meet the Gang

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