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what we offer


  • Communions
  • Confirmations
  • Birthdays

Fun and interactive, with loads of cool facts and information. There is time for handling animals with special attention to the party host.

Add-on activity are also available at an aditional cost. 

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us 

Max. 20 children
€220 (extras €4 per person)
Duration 1 hour


  • Balloons - €3 per person
  • Painted Tattoos - €4 per person
  • Wild Art - €5 per person
  • Party Bags - €6 per person


  • Pre Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Library workshops
  • Scouts, Youth Clubs and Groups
  • Science Week and summer camps

Interactive talks and presentations jam packed with info on animals ranging from Reptiles, Raptors, Insects, Mammals and Arachnids
We bring nature to your classroom with each talk tailored to suit the group’s age and abilities. We have qualified staff in primary childcare and SNA, and have years of experience working with youth groups

We run our classes to reflect the guidelines of the SESE curriculum. Covering topics from hibernation to Nocturnal hunting attributes. There are opportunities to handle and hold the animals during the session, making learning a much more tactile and interesting experience.

Each talk lasting around an hour, pre schools 45 mins. Maximum of 30 people per group and groups must be seated.

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us

1 session €200
2 sessions €290
3 sessions €390
4 sessions €490

Crafts and Creatures Nature School

For the Young Nature Lover ages from 6 to 8 and 9 to 12

We offer 3 day camps for summer and autumn holidays

Tuesday to Thursday at our base in Ballydaly, bordering Cork and Kerry

Adopt an animal for the week. Care for and maintain your own pet.

Loads of art and crafts, bushcraft, outdoor fun, bug hotels, making birdboxes, growing and planting and hands on animal sessions.
We concentrate on different types of creatures each day and plan the activities around it.

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us

Limited Places, please contact us for details
Price to be confirmed

Well Being

  • Autism Services
  • Special Needs Groups
  • Care Homes / Nursing Homes
  • Face your Fear sessions

Animal Presentations are relaxed and informal, with a very tactile and sensitive approach.

This is a great experience to indulge the senses of Smell, Touch, Sound and Sight of the creatures. We are never in a rush with these groups and take our time to connect with everyone.

This is a group led activity and we can work with whatever suits your facility or centre.

Sessions usually last for an hour with each group, but we can provide shorter sessions to suit.

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us.


Family Fun

Mini Zoo

  • Corporate and Company Parties
  • Festivals
  • Family fun days
  • Fundraisers
  • Wedding Entertainment

A Mini zoo for larger events is always a crowd puller and is sure to be a big focal point of your event.
We can bring 2 staff to assist in handling the creatures, to chat and answer any questions. You can spend all day with us or come and go as you please.

There are mini talks showcasing individual animals, with feeding times included.

We are able to work Indoors and Outdoors (from June to September) as we have our own pop tent for light rain cover and sunshade.
Our selection of creatures range from mini beasts, owls, small mammals and reptiles.

Travel costs may be added

Up to 3 hours

Unlimited numbers €500 to €900 depending on location

Teddy Bear Vet Clinic

  • Festivals
  • Company Parties
  • Toddler Groups
  • Pre schools
  • Early Primary

Individual consultation with each child checking out their cuddly friend with medical props to use and avail of.
This is a lovely interactive role play experience.

It encourages compassion, care, empathy and responsibility through child led play. Every child has a cuddly bear or friend that they adore and we provide all aspects of care for your bear.

  • Bandaging
  • Oxygen
  • X rays
  • Weigh in
  • Ear checks
  • Exercise program

There is a dress your bear area available and we also have stories and animal tales to tell.

Ideally Bring your own Teddy but we have extras to borrow.

Extra helper for larger events can be arranged at a minimal cost.

Indoor activity, or outdoors from June - September, dependant on weather (gazebo/pop-up tent).

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us

Classrooms • €190 • 1.5 hours

Outdoor Events • €400 • 3 hours max 

Wild Art

  • Festivals
  • Shopping centres
  • Company Parties
  • Family Fun Days

Make and Take art and craft workshops with a Wild theme to tie in with our Mini Zoo. We bring along a few different projects to try for children of different ages and abilities

All materials are provided

Unlimited numbers

Travel costs may be added, please check your location with us

€90 per hour min 2 hours

Crafts and Creatures

Bringing Nature to you…

At certain times of the year, we host a complete family day out package.

There is an admission fee, then most activities inside are free.

The first hour is dedicated to families with children on the autism spectrum who may benefit from a quieter, calmer part of the day.

Guaranteed a wild and wonderful day out for all the family.

  • Activities range from
  • Mini Zoo
  • Mini Beasts
  • Wild Art Make and Take
  • Teddy Bear Vet
  • Animal Tales
  • Lego Corner
  • Raffles
  • Refreshments cake and snacks

Dates and Venues vary but are usually hosted on Sundays 12 - 3pm. We always advertise in advance on face book and locally, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming your way.